Its time for our 3rd Annual Bisbee Holiday throw down at the Church (First United Methodist Church, Bisbee Az.)…The Holiday Show is a ton of fun with crazy last minute creativity and over the top costumes… a good holiday get together. I’m tweeking the headress now!! Come join the fun this Sunday. Don’t forget to find the Stumblin’ Santa’s for your pre show party !!


…. 79 Clawson Ave. in Old Bisbee, the green and white church….

$7.00 at the door



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next shows:

Sunday, December 21st 7:00pm
3rd Annual 'BIG' Holiday Show
First United Methodist Church
Bisbee, AZ

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Saturday, December 13th 8:00pm
13th Annual Holiday Show ~ Spin !!

The Local
Boone, NC

Wedenesday, December 11th 7:00 pm
13th Annual Holiday Show ~ Sit !!

The F.A.R.M. Cafe

Boone, NC

Wednesday, December 10th 7:00pm
A Meldavian Christmas

Mack and Mack Clothiers
Greensboro, NC

‘BIG’ Holiday Show Countdown

'BIG' Holiday Show ~ BisbeeDecember 21st, 2014
TONIGHT!! 7pm First United Methodist Church Clawson, Ave / Bisbee, AZ

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